C-Loop Mini: A Tangle-Free Camera Strap Solution for Compact and Mirrorless Cameras

Team Custom SLR

You may have heard of the C-Loop Camera Strap Mount, our first invention which moves your camera strap to the bottom of your camera and prevents your strap from getting tangled and blocking your shots. Well now we've shrunk the C-Loop to create the C-Loop Mini for point-and-shoots, mirrorless, and micro four thirds.

C-Loop Mini on camera

So how does it work?

The C-Loop Mini lets your camera hang from a single point at the bottom of your camera, so it’s at a more natural position for you to grab hold of it. Additionally, your camera strap will no longer fall in front of your viewfinder and block your shot. With its built-in swivel, the C-Loop Mini prevents your strap from getting tangled, and stabilizes your camera for video shoots and smooth panning. And its black anodized finish looks pretty sleek with any camera.

Installation is simple. Attach the C-Loop Mini to your camera strap, then tighten the C-Loop Mini into your camera’s tripod mount by hand or with a coin for added security.

Check out the C-Loop Mini here.

Custom SLR C-Loop Mini

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