M-Plate Slim Tripod Plate
Bottom of the M-Plate Slim Tripod Plate

M-Plate Slim Tripod Plate


The M-Plate Slim Tripod Plate is the same as the M-Plate Pro, but without the arm extending out, so it’s perfect for using on cameras with larger lenses. The M-Plate Slim works with most Manfrotto RC2 and Arca-Swiss connections and modular attachment points for accessories. Weighs 1.8 oz. Made in USA.

  • Built-in Manfrotto RC2 + Arca-Swiss Quick Release: Extra mounting holes make it compatible with virtually any tripod plate. See Built-in RC2 and Arca-Swiss Mount Compatibility List.
  • Durable: Made from aerospace grade aluminum and hard anodized for a superior black finish.
  • Accessories: The built-in M-Link Port™ will connect with future photo and video attachments, including flash brackets and video rigs that are currently in development. Optional: Hand Strap Attachment, Hand Strap.
The M-Plate: One Camera Tripod Plate to Rule Them All
-Michael Zhang, PetaPixel
The M-Plate Is One Smart Tripod Plate.
-Udi, DIYPhotography.net