World's Biggest Camera Tripod Christmas Tree [Time Lapse Video]

Team Custom SLR


What do you do with 40 camera tripods, 300 ornaments, 486 feet of garland lights, and 1 Santa? Build the world’s biggest camera tripod Christmas tree, of course!

We at Custom SLR spent 14 hours on Thursday assembling this tree, taking goofy photos, and then taking the tree down. To be honest, when we started out we had no idea if it would work. All we had was an ambitious idea and holiday spirit! So how did it measure up? The tripod tree stood 17.4 feet tall.

And it wasn’t just for fun. All the decorations are being donated to the Salvation Army, and the tripods are being donated to afterschool and nonprofit photography programs. That’s a total value of $10,000 being given to good causes. Giving is what the holiday spirit is all about.

Check out the time lapse video here:

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