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Ranked #1 in Advanced Photographer Magazine with the Top Score of 95/100.

Read the review by Charlotte Griffiths

The ProDot does make firing your shutter more comfortable. The little nubs just feel nice. I shot on a camera without the ProDot after using the ProDot on my camera for about a month, and there was a real difference. I found myself, dare I say, missing the ProDot.

-Jaron Schneider of FStoppers

While I was sent this unit to evaluate, I would buy another in a heartbeat if I picked up a second camera. I used this sling exclusively while traveling in India, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Jordan and even Oregon over the course of five months.

-Peter West Carey of Digital Photography School

The Split Strap is by far the most comfortable strap that I have ever worn, period. I thank you, my shoulder thanks you, and soon every SLR Lounger will be thanking you!

-Pye Jirsa of and Lin & Jirsa Photography

A well-designed tripod plate system for switching between supports.

-Tim Coleman of Amateur Photographer UK

A simple solution to convert any camera strap in to an over-the-shoulder, quick-draw carrier.

-Graham Hiemstra of

They are well designed and well constructed, and definitely make carrying a heavy camera easier.

-Ian Hylands, Pro Photographer

Let's just say that you'll find a C-Loop in my camera gear bag. Small, handy, cool looking… the C-Loop is a great accessory no matter what you shoot.

-Paul Ross of

The Split Strap by Custom SLR is by far the most comfortable strap I have ever worn.

-Jayesunn Krump of Vanished Twin Photography

The glide strap has a professional build quality which makes it very sturdy and rugged. Yet the soft foam texture feels like something you would want to lay down on. This is ideal as it makes for a strong yet comfortable, well padded strap that invites you to touch it. The clips that attach the rest of the strap lock and remain very secure.

-Philip Arthur, Amazon Customer

What I noticed after a day's worth of running about with the Glidestrap was that it indeed is a very comfortable strap…This strap is one of the finest I've used.

-Erik Vlietinck of IT.Enquirer

It makes shooting with my DSLR for street photography far better.

-Eric Kim of

I'm very impressed with the design and construction quality of Custom SLR products. While the design and usefulness of the C-Loop and Split Camera Strap are evident, it's the build quality of both products that really impressed me. Highly recommended!

-Michael Zhang of

It was love at first sight...So it's more than just another camera strap. It's the ability for me to shoot for an extra hour if I have to, with several pounds of equipment on my shoulder.

-Steve Place Photography

Overall, the Custom SLR Camera Split Strap works very well. I love the fact that it is light weight, stretchable and contours the shoulder. The split design is a unique design. It allows the strap to curve according to your body without any stiffness or discomfort.

-Timothy Yee of 1KindPhotography

The design is flawless, clean, and looks pretty cool on the camera itself with the little SLR logo.

-Richard B. Flores Photography

Proved to be everything you promised and more. I am able to carry two cameras and shoot with ease. Best thing since sliced bread, hot chips & tomato sauce.

-Kickstarter Supporter

C-Loop Corrects that Awful Camera Strap. It's fast on, fast off, and solves all the problems of twisty uncomfortable straps.

-Emm of


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