[VIDEO] Extreme Testing: Air Strap vs. Paintball Gun

Team Custom SLR

Some people have been questioning the strength of the Air Strap’s swivel buckle, and you know we always stand by the integrity of our products. So in case you’re worried about the quality of your Air Strap, we decided to do some extreme testing: Let’s shoot the Air Strap buckle with a paintball gun and see how it fares. Watch the video below! (A huge thank-you to our friends at BorrowLenses.com for making this video possible!)

There you have it: Even after being shot with a paintball gun several times at close range, the Air Strap buckle did not break. Also note it took several direct hits before the buckle finally came undone. Click here to watch the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJ6S1y7v1SM

AirStrap Paintball Paintball vs. Airstrap

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