The new Custom SLR Slim Strap for mirrorless and compact cameras

Team Custom SLR

For those who love a sleek and lightweight camera strap, we've got just what you ordered. The Slim Strap is the latest addition to the Custom SLR camera strap line. It's designed for mirrorless, micro four-thirds, and compact cameras (and works well with DSLRs too). What makes it great?

  • Genuine top-grain leather on the shoulder pad, thumb loop, and strap connectors. The leather will improve as it ages, conforming to the contours of your neck or shoulder.
  • Slide + Glide system: Slide the thumb loop down to extend the strap; glide your camera up to snap the shot.
  • High-quality craftsmanship: Seatbelt-grade webbing, genuine Duraflex buckles, and sturdy stitching
  • 3-in-1: Wear it on your neck, across your chest, or on your shoulder.

The Slim Strap debuted on Kickstarter in November, and our backers have recently received theirs. Check out what our backers have been saying about the Slim Strap!

"Got mine in Hong Kong today. It's wonderful! Works perfectly with c-loop mini. The design is really smart! Makes my life a lot easier. Highly recommend!"
- Felex Lung

"Just got mine, the photos/info really don't do justice to the functionality of the strap. It's one step above my Artisan & Artist but at least 2x cheaper than every other strap of it's kind in the market...You've got a sleeper hit right here!"
- Francisco Vigil

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