Custom SLR Air Strap and Hand Strap Get Top Ratings from 1KIND Photography

Team Custom SLR

We love hearing what you think about our products. Recently the Air Strap and Hand Strap got great reviews on Check out what they had to say:


Air Strap

“If you're not the type of person that feels comfortable hanging a camera upside down from the tripod screw mount, I highly suggest getting the Air Strap. Why strangle yourself or subject yourself to being uncomfortable when you can still attach the strap like the OEM straps and make it much more comfortable."

Read the full Custom SLR Air Strap Review.

Buy the Air Strap here.

Hand Strap

“Overall, the Custom SLR Hand Strap is lightweight, flexible and most importantly comfortable. It's soooo comfortable that it is replacing my Herringbone Heritage hand strap."

Read the full Custom SLR Hand Strap review.

Buy the Hand Strap here.

Have you purchased a Custom SLR Air Strap or Hand Strap? Tell us what you think about them in the comments below!
1KindPhotography Air Strap Hand Stra Review

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