Two Camera Straps to Keep You Cool This Summer

Team Custom SLR

You know the drill: You're on the second hour of a shoot in the hot summer sun, and the sweat on your neck is being trapped by your bulky, uncomfortable camera strap. Lucky for you, we've got two perfect solutions for beating the summer heat PLUS a 20% off discount code: STAYCOOL14. Use the code at checkout. Good through July 6th.


1. The Air Strap

Let the Air Strap do what it's made for: keeping you cool by letting air circulate through its specially engineered vents. With the Air Strap, not only will you feel cooler, your camera will feel lighter. It's a win-win.



2. The Hand Strap

Free your neck and shoulders by using the Custom SLR Hand Strap. With its lightweight feel, secure grip, and neoprene padding, it's the perfect way to stay cool and have more flexibility while shooting.



Happy Summer!

The Custom SLR Team



Don't forget the 20% off discount code STAYCOOL14 is good through July 6th.
Air Strap Cool Hand Strap Summer

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