5 Reasons Why Being a Photographer Is the Best Job on the Planet

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Guest post by Jakob Schiller | Twitter

If you can make it work, earning a living being the viewfinder is awesome. Here’s why:

1. You’ll find yourself in places you never expected because a camera grants you access.
For example, I flew over New Orleans in a Chinook helicopter with the back down taking pictures right after Katrina. I’ve photographed people climbing in Chamonix, France, and I’ve been on the field during NFL games.

2. The feeling you get when you make a great picture is unlike anything else.
That’s usually because you’ve been working really hard and then the picture you’ve been chasing finally happens. It’s sort of like summiting a peak: You work and scramble for hours then finally reap the rewards.

3. You get to share your experiences with thousands, if not millions of people.
If you’ve ever been published in a newspaper or magazine you’ll know why this is important. It’s great to have other people react to the moments you’ve captured.

4. You can be self-employed.
Freelancing is not easy, but the flexibility is worth it. No 9-5, and no annoying bosses.

5. You get to play with gear all day long.
Half the job is making pictures, but the other half is deciding what cameras, lenses, lights, software, etc. you’re going to use to make the picture.

What’s your favorite part of being a photographer? Share in the comments below!

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