Stan Evans Challenges Stereotypes With Photo Project Featuring Female Motorcyclist

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Stan Evans, a professional photographer and avid motorcyclist, noticed a pattern with motorcycle videos and photos: Almost all of them feature male riders. So he decided to do something different.

“I grew up in a household around a lot of strong mother, my sister,” Evans said in his behind-the-scenes video. “I was really interested in the idea of having a female rider.”

That’s when he came up with the idea for @UPFORADVENTURESS, a multimedia project of video and stills featuring female rider and native New Yorker, Emma Lovewell.

“I love the concept of @UPFORADVENTURESS because it is from a woman's perspective,” Lovewell said. “Motorcycle drivers stereotypically are thought of as male, and this project defies that gender stereotype.”

@UPFORADVENTURESS channels the reckless feeling of being up for whatever, at any time. The shots are filled with all the energy and motion inherent to the Big Apple, with blurred lights, nightclub scenes, and of course fast-moving vehicles. Just getting the shots was half the adventure. Evans had to dangle out of the window of a car weaving through traffic and dodging potholes in the dark of night, all while shooting video and stills at the same time.

@UPFORADVENTURESS - behind the scenes from Stan Evans Photography on Vimeo.

Let’s take a look at what gear Evans used for the shoot:


Canon 5D Mark III and Mark II
DJI Phantom
Movi 10

Most shots were done with the 5D, a chest harness and a 40mm pancake lens.

Canon 1DX and Mark III
On-camera flash mixed with the Profoto B4 and B1

For a more “gritty city feel,” Evans bumped up the ISO and used available light.

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