Thank You Thomas for the Email

Team Custom SLR

We at Custom SLR are always appreciative of everyone and our loyal customers. Last week we received an email by one of our customers out of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

“Hi guys,

Sorry I haven’t contacted you in a while.

We were talking about the design of your split straps and how they were tearing in the split. You sent me a strap that is stitched in the split. I have been shooting with that strap (and the non stitched version) for the past 8-9 months on a daily basis and have to say LOVE THE IMPROVEMENT!

 I have been following you on Facebook and love the updates…

 Hear is an image of me using your split straps at Michigan Football game, I also have an image of myself using your straps at the Detroit International Auto Show this year.

 I really like your products and your new ideas on how to make my job and gear work better.

 Maybe a tri-pod or awesome pro bag system would be next???

 Thanx again and keep up the great work

 Thomas Nighswander / ShootzA2 Photography

Ann Arbor Mich.”


Thank you Thomas for the kind words. Your email definitely put smiles on our faces. Once again thank you for all the support and happy shooting!

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