This Week’s Contest: Share Your Most Daring Photography Moment

Team Custom SLR

The internet has been ablaze (pun intended) with this photo of Kawika Singson, which led us to wonder…to what lengths would YOU go to capture the perfect shot? Let us know, and you could win a Custom SLR $100 gift card!


Here’s how to enter:

  1. Share a photo of your most daring photography moment. This can be either 
    a) A photo of you during the daring moment (be sure to give credit to the person who took the photo of you)
    b) The photo you took that resulted from it
  2. Include a couple of sentences describing the situation and the photo.
  3. Get your friends to vote! The photo with the most votes by Wednesday, August 28th, wins the $100 gift card. Easy enough? 
Click here to enter

And just to let you know, Singson later told Hawaii News Now that while the photograph, taken by Chris Hirata, IS real, the flames did not start naturally. Singson stood on the lava and used accelerant to start the flames. Bummer. But still, cool photo. (Disclaimer: Please do not try that at home.)

And the Winner of Last Week’s Night Sky Photo Contest Is…


Chuck Eggen! Check out his stellar photo above! Thank you to everyone who participated. We got to “ooh” and “ahh” over some truly amazing photos of the night sky.

Contest Custom SLR Night Sky Contest Winner

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