andre magarao

I grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, doing a lot of sports. When I was 15 or so I started shooting with my dad’s old Pentax, still in the film days. I did a few photography courses in the beginning and always invested some time into it. Back in those days I was doing a lot of mountain biking, so it was always nice to have a camera to document the places I got to go, but I never really saw it as a profession. It was something I really liked and a good excuse to be around my friends who were obviously better than me at a particular sport. When university came around, I drifted away from it for a while, but 5 years ago I started to gradually come back to it, and now it’s what I do full time.

Location: I’ve been traveling a lot lately, but I’m still based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where I grew up.

Type of Photographer: I’ve been shooting a lot of action sports, but I’m really into strobes, so I try to get involved in anything that can be lit up.

Words of Wisdom: If the situation allows, always use flash.

Gear of Choice: It’s hard to say. There is always that new piece of gear that I get hooked on.

Website: andremagarao.com


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