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Danny Irvine is a Central Coast Photographer. The Central Coast of NSW, Australia, is an ideal place for Danny to capture his amazing landscape photos. He picked up his first DSLR camera several years ago and has never looked back. At first it was merely an interest, but photography soon became his true passion in life. Before long, Danny moved on from his basic cameras to his professional kit and was consumed by capturing landscape images. Since then, he has become an international award-winning photographer. He has entered many of his images into competitions around the world and has won many awards for his landscape photography. Danny loves being up at the crack of dawn, not only to see some truly amazing sunrises, but also to capture them forever in a photograph. Over the years he has developed a real appreciation for the outdoors and feels completely at peace when photographing the beautiful landscapes and seascapes before him.

Danny is a unique and talented photographer. Whether he is capturing a dynamic landscape or working on a commercial project, he is consumed in the moment. Danny puts all of his thought into getting everything right, the light, the composition, the mood and the emotion of each image. Danny also now teaches what he has learned over the years to others in his workshops and photo tours.

Location: I’m based on The Central Coast of NSW Australia (1 hour north of Sydney).

Photography: I predominantly shoot landscapes, seascapes and aerial.

Words of Wisdom: My best advice to anyone new to landscape photography is simple: Forget about the gear and get out there. There is no substitute for pressing that shutter; you will learn so much from shooting a lot. Take the time to study your passion, it won’t just come to you. You need mentors. These are photographers that you admire. Watch video tutorials on YouTube and other sites, read books and blogs, engage with others who share your passion on social media websites. There has never been a time like now for free information. You can pretty much find anything that you want to know about photography or camera gear on websites. You can also attend workshops and go on photo tours with your favorite photographers. And last but not least, take the time to learn the art of post production. This is what will take a well-exposed and composed image to the next level.

Favorite Gear: My favorite gear is my Nikon camera gear. I shoot with a couple of D800e's and love them. The quality of that sensor is amazing. My most used lenses would be the Nikkor 16-35mm f/4 and my 24-70mm f/2.8. I really love to shoot wide for my landscape shots. The 24-70mm is my go to lens for aerial shooting. Next to my camera gear, I love having a selection of good quality camera bags, a good backpack for hiking and a good shoulder bag with easy access to gear for commercial shoots. Having a good quality tripod is also very important to me. I shoot 95% of my work in low light conditions so hand holding the camera is not an option.

Website: http://dannyirvine.com.au


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