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General FAQ

  • How long does shipping take?
    • We generally ship twice a week through our fulfillment company in San Francisco, CA. If the item(s) are in stock, they will be shipped and a confirmation email will be sent. Delivery times will vary depending on location.
    • You can also read our detailed Shipping Policies.
  • Do you ship worldwide?
    • Yes, we use USPS or FedEx which can selected during the checkout process.
  • I have a question that is not in the FAQ, who can I contact?
  • I ordered several weeks ago and my order hasn’t arrived yet.
    • Contact us with your order details at support@customslr.com and we will do our best to get it sorted out.
  • What forms of payment are accepted?
    • Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal and Google Checkout are all accepted.
  • What is your return policy?


C-Loop FAQ -Instructions

  • Will the C-Loop work on any camera?
    • Any product that has a tripod screw mount (1/4”-20) is compatible with the C-Loop. This includes most camera and video camera mounts. 
    • If you have a medium format camera with a ⅜” tripod mount, you can purchase a ⅜” to ¼” adapter available at most camera stores.
  • How do I connect my Split Strap or Glide Strap to my C-Loop?
  • What is the difference between the C-Loop and C-Loop HD?
    • The functionality is identical. However, the C-Loop has a built-in handle to fasten it on to the camera. The C-Loop HD requires a hex tool, which is included.
  • Where can I get replacement C-Loop Washers?
    • Additional C-Loop / C-Loop HD washers can be purchasedhere
  • My C-Loop is squeaky?
  • Will the C-Loop loosen from my camera?
    • The C-Loop is designed to fasten securely on your camera. We do however recommend checking the tightness each time you bring your camera out. If your C-Loop has issues staying tight or rotating properly, please contact support and stop using immediately. 

      *Make sure to check the tightness of the C-Loop on camera before each use.


Camera Split Strap and Glide Strap FAQ

  • What is the difference between the Camera Split Strap and Glide Strap?
    • Both products feature the Split Strap Technology,
    • TheGlide Strap for Camerassits across the shoulders allowing you to draw the camera up quickly from your side.  It also has a quick release buckle hardware where you can easily detach your camera from the strap.
    • TheCamera Split Straphas 2 size attachments that can accommodate most sizes.  It can be attached to your traditional camera strap mount or our C-Loop. You can wear your camera strap around your neck, shoulders and across your shoulders.

  • Can I convert my strap?
    • Our straps are modular an can easily adapt from one function to another. See our straps page for available attachments and accessories.
  • How strong and secure is the Glide Strap?


M-Plate FAQ

  • What is the M-Plate compatible with?  
      • The built-in camera connection plate on the M-Plate is designed with a geometry that will fit into most Manfrotto RC2 and Arca-Swiss style tripod heads. For non-standard and non-supported camera plates, the M-Plate offers mounting mounts to attach virtually any plate system.

Below is a compatibility list of the built-in tripod plate connection that will be updated periodically. Some models from the same manufacturer may vary so we suggest testing them with the M-Plate before purchasing a new head. The models listed below are ones we have tested the M-Plate with.

M-Plate Pro Built-in Tripod Adapter has been tested to work with the following heads:
Acratech    (including 22159)
Benro     (including B-00, B-01)
Cullmann      (including Concept One OX369)
FoBA     (including Mini-Superball)
Kirk        (including QRC-2)
Manfrotto RC2    (including 498RC2, 496RC2, 494RC2, 484RC2, 486RC2, 468MGRC2, 234RC2, 322RC2)
Novoflex     (including Q=Mount)
RRS Really Right Stuff (including B2 LR Quick Release)

M-Plate Pro Built-in Tripod Adapter does not work with the following heads: 

Note: To use with one of these heads the tripod plate will need to be mounted on one of the five M-Plate mounting holes.See example.

Manfrotto (RC2 3-way heads including 804RC2, Q2 Heads - 054, 128RC, 327RC2, 324RC2 460MG)
Novoflex (Panorama=Q PRO, Q=Base)

Cullmann MAGNESIT MX465  

M-Plate Mini
The M-Plate Mini supports a wider range of tripod heads including the Manfrotto Q2 heads - 054.

Camera and Lens Compatibility
The M-Plate Pro is not compatible with small SLR bodies and over-sized lenses where the lens sits below the base of the camera. Certain lens hoods which store inversely on the lens may need to be removed for proper clearance. Dimensions of the M-Plate Pro with Hand Strap Attachment:here.Have a combo that works for you?Send us an emailand we can add it to the list.

  • Can I see some videos of the M-Plate Pro in action?