FotoPro Tripods



Forging Process Strengthens Metal

Fotopro camera tripods are built to last. The process of forging compresses the molecular structure of the metal, resulting in a much stronger and harder metal.

Oxidation Helps Durability

Fotopro tripods retain their vibrant color and are scratch and wear resistant thanks to anodic oxidation treatment, an electrochemical process that thickens the oxide layer on the metal, forming a seal that protects the metal and the color.

Tested Professionally

Fotopro tests the ball head load max capability, locking force and tripod stability of all its tripods.

Easy-to-Use Leg Lock System

The T-lock quick lock system is easy to use. It takes only a simple 1/4 turn to tighten or loosen the tripod lock system. By having a wide surface groove and anti-slip rubber, it allows for quick and easy adjustment.

Fotopro Tripods are Weather Resistant

We know that photographers endure all types of weather conditions. Before every delivery, Fotopro puts its tripods through low and high temperature conditions to ensure reliability. (Max temperature: 100 degrees. Minimum temperature: -40 degrees.)


Fotopro Quality Control

Fotopro ensures the quality of its tripods. Everything must meet high standards, from purchasing materials, processing semi-finished products, and packaging finished products. .