M-Plate™ Press Kit







After we launched the C-Loop last year we followed up with a second project called the Split Strap on Kickstarter. One of the major requests we had with the C-Loop is how to use it with a tripod at the same time.

To address that we came up with the M-Plate™ which is a multi-purpose tripod plate that enables the Custom SLR C-Loop, Black Rapid, Spider Plate, Cotton Carrier and most carrying systems that occupy the tripod socket the ability to use it with a camera tripod at the same time. The M-Plate offers a built in Manfrotto RC2 and Arca Swiss quick release plate connections. To further expand on the idea we integrated a M-Link Port™ which will support our future line of modular photo and video rigs.


What is the M-Plate™?

The M-Plate is a camera tripod plate system with universal mounting compatibility, integrated Manfrotto RC2  / Arca-Swiss connections, and modular attachment points.

Features of the M-Plate:
  • World's first tripod plate to integrate both Manfrotto RC2 and Arca-Swiss mounts. Also compatible with other tripod plate systems.
  • Quick-attach to any tripod while using your favorite camera strap systems such as our own C-Loop. Also compatible with BlackRapid, SunSniper, Spider Holster, Cotton Carrier and others.
  • Hand Grip Friendly. Adds hand grip function to cameras that lack the mounting point.
  • The built-in M-Link Port™ will connect with future photo and video attachments, including flash brackets and video rigs that are currently in development.

Why the funding?

The $15,000.00 funding goal is to help offset the time spent on research and development. The funding will also help produce the initial batch of M-Plates which will be made here in the USA.


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Continuing their line of custom-built camera accessories, which started with the C-Loop, CustomSLR launched the M-Plate, a crowd-funded project to offer users greater functionality for tripod mounting. 

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"One of the main issues with sliding straps solutions like the C-loop and Black Rapid's FastenR-3 is that they take away your quick release plate mounting point...Custom SLR (the guys behind the C loop) aim at solving this problem."

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"It’s a new tripod plate that offers universal mounting compatibility: it works with whatever connection you use."

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"The M-Plate, is a new tripod plate that offers universal mounting compatibility."

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