parrish ruiz de velasco

I’m a Dallas-based multimedia designer/photographer. My wife and I are about to start the RV lifestyle with our two kids and Australian Shepherd. We are setting up for a year of travel and epic landscapes while the kids are still young.

Location: Dallas, Texas

Photography: Action sports and nature (mostly intense weather)

Words of Wisdom: Excellence is not a talent or skill. It’s an attitude that comes from the mind which transcends to the physical. I am 100% responsible for the mindset and attitude to achieve excellence. BE EXCELLENT!

Gear of Choice: Can’t get enough flashlights! My favorite is the Bushnell TRKR 500-Lumen Multi-Color Flashlight. I take them on all my shoots and adventures! And duh, I love the Custom SLR ProDot and Dual Camera Strap!

Website: 1857STUDIO.COM


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