sammy glucksman

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Sammy is a true representation of an authentic New York photographer. Growing up and working on the streets of Manhattan, Sammy was a central link to various subcultures that were the beginnings of many influential artistic and cultural movements including skateboarding, street art, music and nightlife. Documenting through photography their raw nature with true authenticity and unrivaled talent, Sammy gave voice and credence to many unknowns, creating a dedicated and loyal following that catapulted him into stardom as one of the most respected lifestyle photographers in New York. Sammy’s work has been described as raw, gritty, captivating and truly original. His archives feature Nike, Adidas, Google, Gansevoort Market, Roof Top 48, 310 Bowery Bar, SSUR, Zoo Work, Johnson Trading Company and many more.

Location: New York City

Photography: To be honest, I like to shoot everything, but my favorite thing to shoot is sports and more recently food. 

Words of Wisdom: Always have a camera on you.

Gear of Choice: Canon 5DM3 and a bunch of L lenses & Sony A7R2 when I want to pack light.


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