Split Strap Technology™

After studying how straps interact with the structures of the shoulder, neck, and back, we discovered that the planar/flat profiled nature of existing straps did not contour to the body well causing unequal weight/force distribution, discomfort and possible strain.


Our breakthrough design utilizes a split in the strap which creates multiple points where the strap could sit and conform to the body; thus, distributing the weight evenly and increasing comfort. The split also promotes cooling by venting heat away. 

On the backside of the strap, we integrated sticky silicone printed logos that reduce annoying slippage (for camera, laptop and arm sling models)


The rotating quick release buckle reduces strap tension by pivoting with the movements of the user, which decreases chaffing and increases slack to facilitate further flexibility and comfort. The Split Strap project was made possible by the support of Kickstarter backers