How To Make Better Pictures This Thanksgiving

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Guest post by Jakob Schiller | Twitter

I always bring my camera to Thanksgiving, and here’s what I’m looking for: moments. I don’t just want to capture what Thanksgiving looked like, I want to capture what it felt like. I’m watching for the hugs exchanged between family members who haven’t seen each other for months; the look of joy when the cook brings the turkey to the table; and the shot of my family members passed out on the couch in a turkey coma.

These pictures are important because when you look at them in five or even 20 years, the moments will have the power to bring you right back. You’ll remember how it felt to be there and you’ll remember why the holidays are so special.

In terms of food, I might make the occasional picture of the turkey, but I tend to stay away. Food photography is cliché thanks to Instagram. And remember, food can be recreated, moments can’t.

For gear, I travel lightly. One camera, one lens (probably a 35mm), no flash. I don’t want to be distracted by my gear, and anything more than one camera is overkill. I also don’t want others to be distracted by my gear. I want everyone at the holiday to be enjoying themselves and ignoring me. That’s when the best pictures happen.

If this is your first time bringing a camera to the Thanksgiving holiday, your family likely will notice and few might even grumble. But I promise, eventually they’ll get use to it and when they see the pictures you make, they’ll be thankful.

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