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Five Tips to Drastically Improve Your Photography

Colby Brown

By: Colby Brown

One of the greatest things about being a photographer is the fact the learning process never ends. Like cooks that look for new recipe ideas or singers that constantly hone their vocal skills, it is important as an artist to continue to push the boundaries of what you think you are capable of. Not only does this help you be more creative, but also it often helps you vastly improve your photography as well.

Let’s take a look at five of my favorite tips that I have learned over the last 9 years as a full-time photographer.

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How To Make Better Pictures This Thanksgiving

Custom SLR Contributor

Guest post by Jakob Schiller | Twitter

I always bring my camera to Thanksgiving, and here’s what I’m looking for: moments. I don’t just want to capture what Thanksgiving looked like, I want to capture what it felt like. I’m watching for the hugs exchanged between family members who haven’t seen each other for months; the look of joy when the cook brings the turkey to the table; and the shot of my family members passed out on the couch in a turkey coma.

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Staff Tip: Double Check Your C-Loop

Team Custom SLR

The C-Loop is a great tool for photographers, but there are some things we wanted to share to help make your experience even better.

- Check and tighten your C-Loop before EVERY shoot, as this will ensure that the C-Loop is tightly fastened. The C-Loop is designed to securely attach to your camera & M-Plate Pro, however it can still become loose after use. This will help prevent any headaches and dropped cameras due to the C-Loop becoming loose. If your C-Loop has issues staying tight or rotating properly, stop using immediately and contact support.

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