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Five Tips to Drastically Improve Your Photography

Colby Brown

By: Colby Brown

One of the greatest things about being a photographer is the fact the learning process never ends. Like cooks that look for new recipe ideas or singers that constantly hone their vocal skills, it is important as an artist to continue to push the boundaries of what you think you are capable of. Not only does this help you be more creative, but also it often helps you vastly improve your photography as well.

Let’s take a look at five of my favorite tips that I have learned over the last 9 years as a full-time photographer.

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Amazing Photo of NBA Star Anthony Davis Dunking the Sun

Dustin Snipes

Recently Custom SLR Photographer Dustin Snipes was approached by Red Bull to do something really unbelievable…shoot NBA star Anthony Davis dunking the sun. Yes, you read that right.

Check out the finished product:

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Getting Creative to Get the Shot: The "Human Shoulder-Pod"

Ryan Taylor

Guest post by Ryan Taylor

You don’t always have what you need to get the shotthat’s when you have to get creative. Whether it’s because you didn’t have time to get a proper scout in before the shoot, you discover a new angle while on location, or it’s just impossible to get a piece of equipment to the location (like a ladder), sometimes you have to improvise.

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Photography Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

Team Custom SLR

Being a photographer isn’t an easy job. That’s why we’ve rounded up six photography apps that’ll make your life easier (we even found one that makes all that legal paperwork a breeze!).
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