C-Loop Meets M-Plate: A Love Story ♥ (with a discount code!)

Team Custom SLR

What happens when you couple the design innovation (and dashing good looks) of the C-Loop with the functionality of the M-Plate? Love, that’s what. (And a really awesome, tangle-free camera strap system.)


C-Loop thought he had it all: Kickstarter fameglowing reviews on all the hottest photography websites, a mansion in Malibu with a three-car garage. He was fielding questions from tech writers, posing for photo shoots, and he even landed the home page of the Custom SLR website. Yes, everybody wanted him. But something was missing. C-Loop felt…incomplete.

Then one day, Custom SLR introduced C-Loop to M-Plate. She was new to the photography scene, but soon came to share the same success on Kickstarter as C-Loop.

From the moment they met, C-Loop and M-Plate had a feeling they were made for each other.

Extremely compatible, they found they could do so much more together than what they could do alone. C-Loop was a master at keeping camera straps tangle-free and out of the way; M-Plate was a pro at transitioning cameras quickly and easily to a tripod. Together, they were the dream duo of the photography world. The future lay ahead of them, with endless possibilities…

Our Valentine’s Day gift for you: Get 25% off orders over $75 on CustomSLR.com. Just use this code at checkout: “VDAY14”. (Expires Feb. 17, 2014)

This is your chance to save on a C-Loop and a M-Plate! They were made to be together, after all. ;)

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

The Custom SLR Team

Valentines Day 2014 VDay

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