Top 4 Myths About ProDot Shutter Button Upgrade, BUSTED

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Add this to the list of cool gadgets you never knew you needed. Selected by Men’s Journal as one of the “Best Camera Add-Ons of 2013,” the ProDot Shutter Button Upgrade is a tactile, adhesive dot that makes your shutter button easier to press, and makes for a smoother shooting experience.

We created the ProDot and launched it on Kickstarter in 2012. Since then, it’s been one of our best-selling products, gaining a following across the world. Sadly, it’s also attracted some pretty silly myths.

We’re busting those ProDot myths below. Read on to find out the truth!

  1. It’s a gimmick.
    A “shutter button upgrade”? Sounds a bit gimmicky, right? Not at all. The ProDot has been featured on CNET and was even named by Men’s Journal as one of the best camera add-ons of 2013. We constantly get messages from photographers who actually did have a better shooting experience with the ProDot.

    “Trick out your camera's shutter release with a ProDot. This cushy little nub enhances your shooting experience.”
    -Joshua Goldman, CNET

  2. It’s meant to last forever.
    Just like any camera add-on, with prolonged usage, the ProDot will wear down and may eventually come off. This is totally normal. That’s why each pack comes with two ProDots.

    However, there are a few tricks to make your ProDot lasting longer:
    1. Make sure to wipe the button surface down with rubbing alcohol and let it dry before applying the ProDot. This will ensure that any surface oils are removed, allowing the ProDot to adhere better.
    2. Realize the ProDot is not meant to last a lifetime. When it eventually wears down, simply replace it with a new one.
    3. Avoid storing your ProDot in sunlight or hot and humid environments, as this will cause the adhesive to break down.
  3. The adhesive will ruin my shutter button.
    Nope. The ProDot adhesive is not permanent like Super Glue, so it won’t ruin your button. When the ProDot comes off, it may leave behind a bit of residue, but this is easily wiped off with a cloth and a bit of rubbing alcohol. With proper application and care, though, the ProDot should last a long time.
  4. It’s a one-trick pony.
    The ProDot isn’t just for camera buttons! Use the it on your iPod button, or even on top of your computer mouse for a more comfortable, tactile button to press.

    Our customers are always finding new and unique ways to use the ProDot. During our Kickstarter campaign for ProDot, one photographer messaged us saying that he had lost much of the feeling in his pointer finger due to an accident that had severed the nerve there. He’s using the ProDot to be able to feel the shutter button on his camera, but also added that the ProDot would be a great therapeutic aid for people with nerve injuries. Another Kickstarter backer, Timothy, left a comment saying that Spinal Stenosis, a narrowing of the spaces in the spine that places pressure on the nerves, has caused his fingers to go numb; he’s using the ProDot to be sure his finger has a good grip on the shutter button.

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