Shooting in Midday Sun with HyperSync

Chris Garrison

Guest post by Chris Garrison

One of my favorite features about the HyperSync technology from PocketWizard is the ability to light action at midday.  In the past, many photographers would take the afternoon off because the light in the middle of the day is too harsh and flat to shoot without flash, but using flash meant being limited to slower shutter speeds. With the Flex system from PocketWizard you are able to shoot at a high enough speed to freeze the action, and still have the ability to light the spot with studio level lighting.

In my example of Red Bull athlete Brian Grubb, you get an almost 3D effect with the extremely low f-stop and fill and rim light set up.  This was shot around 12 midday in Tampa, Fla., just after a hurricane.  Without the use of lights in the image, Brian would have been lost in the trees, and the shot would not pop as much.

The light set up was 3 Elinchrom Rangers with S-Heads, two from the rear left and right, and one as a “fill” from the front just to my right.  Everything was triggered with Nikon FlexTT5 and ST4 receivers.  Nikon D3s, 70-200mm 2.8, F3.2, 1/1,250th a sec, and the
Custom SLR One Glide strap and ProDot. I also used a HOYA ND8 filter to help bring down the ambient light.

DSLR Flash Flashmatters Glide One Hoya Hypersync Nikon pocketwizard ProDot

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