Two Photographers Whose Black and White Photos Inspire My Work

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Guest post by Andre Magarao, Custom SLR Pro Team

I usually see my jobs with photography as solving a problem. Most of the time someone comes to me with a situation they want to bring to life in a photo. I’ve been working for a few sporting goods brands for a while so most of the time my solution involves using artificial light to make sure that no matter what the weather conditions are I can still show their product in a good light. I’ve been doing this for some time. So every now and then clients come up to me looking for this look.

I know it might sound counterintuitive, but because of that I end up looking up a lot at photographers who do something completely different.

Fred Mortagne

So I admire the work of guys like “FrenchFred." His name is actually Fred Mortagne. He does a lot of black and white stuff with skateboarding. You should definitely check out his Instagram @Frenchfred.

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Ronaldo Land

I’m from Brazil. I’ve been to Europe before, but I’ve honestly never spent the amount of time I would have liked to there. So sometimes it’s a little tricky to relate to references/influences that are so far away. So I also look up to the work of another Brazilian photographer named Ronaldo Land. He also works a lot with photos full of contrast black and white and skateboarding. You can check out his work on Instagram @ronaldo_land

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Which photographers inspire you? Tell us in the comments below!

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