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How did you get your start in photography?

I came across photography through detours. I actually had never been really into photography to be honest. I first started to study physiotherapy. Unfortunately I am allergic to all kinds of stuff (including disinfection liquids) so I had to stop when I was halfway through the education. So I needed to find a job where didn’t have to be in contact with any kind of liquids. I am a really creative person. I love to draw, to design and so on. That's why my mom came one day and said, "Hey, what about photography?" That was the moment photography came into my life. Actually really late when you think about it. I was already almost 20 years old and had never owned a camera in my life. Well, then one thing led to another and I started to study photography and found my passion in it. That's how I got my start in photography.

Which accomplishments are you most proud of?

I got a couple cover shots I am really proud of, and I also had the opportunity to shoot some amazing campaigns with great international companies.

Which Custom SLR products do you use?

I have the Glide One Straps on both of my cameras (including the C-Loops in blue and red) and I just can say I love them! Also the Custom SLR Dual Camera Strap Kit which makes life way easier for me since I can carry both cameras ready to shoot and hanging organized on my body. And of course the ProDot Shutter Button Upgrades!

How does using these products improve your photography and/or comfort? What difference can you feel?

The Glide One Straps are just amazing. Most of the ordinary camera straps are too tight. Once you get them around your body you can't really do anything. I always had to shoot without the strap around my neck, which isn't a safe solution at all because if you lose control and drop your camera, it for sure will hit the floor. But since I got the Custom SLR Glide One Straps on my gear I can say it made shooting way more safe for my camera, and it definitely gave me another level of freedom while shooting. If you are just carrying your camera around you can tighten it up so it's not flying around your body, but once you need to shoot something you just pull the strap and in less than a second the strap is long enough and offers you the freedom you need to be able to shoot and also keep your camera safe around your neck at the same time! Couldn't imagine shooting without them anymore.

My Custom SLR Dual Camera Strap Kit gives me the opportunity to carry both cameras on my body ready to shoot at any time. If I am shooting sports events, for example, it's all about being good, prepared, and fast. The worst that can happen is this: You need to change lenses if you do not have two cameras which slows you down a lot and you for sure will miss some shots while creeping around in your camera bag. But once you have two cameras going you at least do not have to change lenses anymore but you have two straps hanging around your neck, which for me is already pretty chaotic and annoying. The straps can get caught in each other and it also doesn't really give you a feeling of freedom at all. And here comes the Dual Camera Strap in the game. For me the perfect solutions. You carry a comfortable, perfect-fitting strap around your chest and one camera is hanging safely and ready to shoot on each side.

The ProDots are a sweet extra to upgrade your camera. I have them on both of my cameras and they are not just looking good, no, they mainly make sure you always find the right button when it has to go quick, and you do not slip off the button. I also shoot a lot of times in cold conditions where I have to wear gloves. The ProDot makes it easy for me to find and stay safe on the trigger.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

I would love to be able to fly like a bird. Being able to fly is for me the epitome of being free.

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"...since I got the Custom SLR Glide One
on my gear I can say it made
shooting way more safe for my camera,
and it definitely gave me another level
of freedom while shooting."


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