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The Long Road: A Candid Interview With Ryan Nyquist

Long Nguyen

Catch a candid conversation with 4-time X Games gold medalist Ryan Nyquist. The 38-year-old has been riding BMX professionally since 1995, but a chance encounter in Puerto Rico got him on a mountain bike for the first time. After flying over the handlebars, Nyquist told himself, “Never am I ever going to do this again.”

But more than a decade later, he found himself competing in one of the most prestigious mountain bike competitions in...

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Behind the Scenes of a Stunt Photo Shoot With Chris Tedesco

Custom SLR Contributor

I didn’t know what to expect when Metal Mulisha asked me to go to an airfield located a half-hour east of Palm Springs to shoot a stunt involving Jimmy Fitzpatrick. One thing is for sure: When Jimmy Fitzpatrick is involved, it is going to be crazy.

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Behind the Scenes With Football Player Jared Goff and Photographer Dustin Snipes

Team Custom SLR

With the NFL draft upon us, we wanted to take you back to last season with former Cal Bears quarterback Jared Goff.

Photographer Dustin Snipes caught up with him for a quick shoot last October, and he brings us behind the scenes in this exclusive video:
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Behind the Scenes of the Atlanta Braves Spring Training Fantasy Camp 2014

Chris Garrison

Words and photos by Chris Garrison

For the past few years I have been working with a crew that covers the Atlanta Braves Fantasy Camps in Orlando, Florida. For those of you who do not know what Fantasy Camp is, it is a one-week camp where participants get to train, play, and hang with some of the best legends to ever play with the Atlanta Braves. The participants basically get to...

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Ferrari California Photo Shoot

Chris Garrison

Words and photos by: Chris Garrison

I originally shot cars when I was coming up as a photographer, and I have been wanting to shoot them more and more recently.  When approached to do a #BTS video about some of the commercial shots I was involved with last year, I really wanted to show what I do with the Westcott Icelight.  Over the course of the project planning, it grew into involving two of the best crews I could ever imagine working with!  The Dupont Registry has always been the dream magazine I look at as far as I can remember.  The crew at AlreadyBeenChewed.tv is the future of commercial photography as far as I am concerned!  With cooperation of both Dupont and AlreadyBeenChewed, they have allowed me to create one of my favorite photos I have ever taken.

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