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Working on Vacation: Ryan Taylor’s Kiteboarding Shoot in Grand Cayman

Ryan Taylor

Photos and words by: Ryan Taylor

Vacations are a necessity. We all work hard and deserve some time off. While my non-photographer friends would tell me that it is a time to put down the camera, I see it as an opportunity to do the opposite. I often take vacations as not only a break from work but also a break from some of the creative “confinements” that I find myself in sometimes. Don’t get me wrong; I love the collaboration process between the client and me, but sometimes there isn't the free time to take photos for myself. I try not to overthink it and keep concepts or ideas light. For example, I might want to shoot more landscapes, explore different techniques such as panoramas, or play with my GoPro more. On this particular trip, I knew I wanted to shoot kiteboarding. I was traveling to Grand Cayman with my family and knew it was a hot spot for riding.

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