Starter Bundle
Starter Bundle
Starter Bundle
Starter Bundle

Starter Bundle



Begin with the basics from our line of comfortable straps and accessories. The Starter Bundle combines our breathable Air Strap with our innovative C-Loop to help you stay cool during even the most rigorous shoot. The comfortable Air Strap cinches securely at your side while the C-Loop helps keep the strap tangle free, so you’re always ready to capture that perfect shot. To top it all off, adds and stability to your shutter button for a smoother shooting experience.


Hear From Our Team Photographers

In summer I switch to the Air Strap when it's hot and humid in NYC. Makes a big difference.

I put C-Loops on all of my cameras, as well as my larger lenses (such as a 70-200) which allows me to quickly switch between cameras without having to take the strap off. It may seem like a small inconvenience, but often I find myself shooting with my backpack on, or, in the cold with many layers of clothing and having to take off the strap can be quite annoying. Now I can just in the camera and go.

In the Media

How cool and easy is this! Greatest SLR Strap ever!
- Backer
I'm very impressed with the design and construction quality of Custom SLR products. Highly recommended!
-Michael Zhang, PetaPixel
Trick out your camera's shutter release with a This cushy little nub enhances your shooting experience.
-Joshua Goldman, CNET