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Where Have All the Digital Cameras Gone?

Amy Rigby

A 40% decline in the export of digital cameras has many wondering what this means for the future of photography.

According to statistics released by CIPA, digital camera exports from Japan, a major hub of manufacturing for Nikon and Canon, have decreased by a whopping 40% since 2013; the export of interchangeable lenses has dropped by 20%.

This is coming from an industry that in the past few years has been rapidly growing...

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Does Your Camera Size Really Matter?

Custom SLR Contributor

Guest post by Scott Wyden Kivowitz

If you've never considered a mirrorless camera, I'm going to give you two experiences that completely caught me off guard with shocking stereotypes. Some may surprise you and some may not.

I recently hosted a photographer Q&A session at a coffee shop near my home. During the small and intimate event, a group of photographers had the chance to ask a professional wedding photography team a variety of questions.

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Solving a Problem Using the Custom SLR ProDot by Will Crockett

Team Custom SLR

Our friend Will Crockett over at www.discovermirrorless.com and www.shootsmarter.com talks about how the Custom SLR ProDot has made his life easier when on the job and switching between camera bodies. “You feel where the dot (shutter button) is and you can put more than one on. What a great way to solve a problem."

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