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Exclusive: The Story Behind Robbie Maddison's Crazy Motorcycle Surfing "Pipe Dream" Video

Long Nguyen

Name: Garth Milan

Location: Tahiti

Years of photography experience: 18

What is Pipe Dream? When did you hear about the project and what were your thoughts?

Pipe Dream was the brainchild of Robbie Maddison, and was also realized with the support of Jeff Taylor at DC Shoes. The pair actually conceived the idea together at a party after a few cocktails—no lie! I knew that Maddo was working on the water bike project for some time, but when I heard that he was actually going to try to ride his dirt bike on Teahupoo, the world's gnarliest and most well-known wave, I was blown away and almost didn't believe it. I expect nothing but insanity from Robbie Maddison...This was next-level even for him, though.

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Behind the Scenes Interview With Carlo Cruz on Red Bull’s “Breaking Water”

Custom SLR Contributor

Name: Carlo Cruz

Location: Long Beach, CA

Years of photography experience: 15

Tell us about the Breaking Water project. How did the idea come about?

I have been a b-boy (breakdancing) photographer for a very long time now, so when Red Bull Photography gave me the opportunity to do a project for them, it was clear that it would definitely be about b-boys. I have seen all sorts of dance photos taken underwater—like jazz or ballet—but I have never seen one of a b-boy. I think it’s often overlooked how fluid breaking moves are, and this was the perfect opportunity to showcase that.

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Behind the Scenes on a KW Suspensions Photoshoot

John Pangilinan

Words and photos by John Pangilinan

I typically don’t shoot models, and while I surround myself with cars and car culture, I really don’t shoot vehicles too often. It’s not that I don’t enjoy it, but I have too many talented car photographer friends in the industry that simply are experts in this field, so I usually leave these projects for them. But when KW Suspensions told me their creative concept for the shoot I couldn’t turn this project done as I’ve worked with the company for several years at various levels, and they supply me with suspension for my project cars. The project called for two shoots with two different models in two locations and with several vehicles for images to be used for marketing materials including two posters.

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