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Behind the Scenes Interview With Carlo Cruz on Red Bull’s “Breaking Water”

Custom SLR Contributor

Name: Carlo Cruz

Location: Long Beach, CA

Years of photography experience: 15

Tell us about the Breaking Water project. How did the idea come about?

I have been a b-boy (breakdancing) photographer for a very long time now, so when Red Bull Photography gave me the opportunity to do a project for them, it was clear that it would definitely be about b-boys. I have seen all sorts of dance photos taken underwater—like jazz or ballet—but I have never seen one of a b-boy. I think it’s often overlooked how fluid breaking moves are, and this was the perfect opportunity to showcase that.

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Behind the Scenes | A Photo Shoot With Pro Wakeboarder Steel Lafferty and the U.S.S Alabama

Chris Garrison

Guest post by Chris Garrison

I have driven by the USS Alabama and jumped aboard it plenty of times in my life. It wasn’t until two years ago that I had the idea to shoot in front of the battleship. But I had no idea how much work and planning would go into making any of it happen. About a year ago, I decided I really wanted to shoot...

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Behind the Scenes | Lifestyle Shoot | Pat Panakos by Chris Garrison

Chris Garrison

Words and photo by Chris Garrison

I recently had the opportunity to shoot Pat Panakos for an article on the future of the projects.  Pat is the mastermind behind the Projects wake park.  The Projects recently shut it’s doors to the public and is maintained by a few select riders.  The wake park was originally a creative playground for many wakeboarders to build and ride features for article,...

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Rolling with the Punches

Long Nguyen

Words & Photos by: Long Nguyen

Photography is a funny thing to me. Every time I go to a shoot, it’s as though I’m opening a brand new box of cereal in order to find that special prize at the bottom. When I receive a job, I will sit down and visualize everything before leaving. I ask myself, how will I shoot this assignment? Do I bring flashes...

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