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Scenes from 15 Years of Street Photography

Custom SLR Contributor

Guest post by Custom SLR Pro Team member Carlo Cruz

Street photography was my first love. Before I found myself making a career out of photography, I used to just run around shooting street photography.

That was 15 years ago, and I still shoot street when I get a chance. It was not Vogue fashion photography that got me into this profession, nor was it Rolling Stone concert shots, nor National Geographic travel...

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Behind the Scenes Interview With Carlo Cruz on Red Bull’s “Breaking Water”

Custom SLR Contributor

Name: Carlo Cruz

Location: Long Beach, CA

Years of photography experience: 15

Tell us about the Breaking Water project. How did the idea come about?

I have been a b-boy (breakdancing) photographer for a very long time now, so when Red Bull Photography gave me the opportunity to do a project for them, it was clear that it would definitely be about b-boys. I have seen all sorts of dance photos taken underwater—like jazz or ballet—but I have never seen one of a b-boy. I think it’s often overlooked how fluid breaking moves are, and this was the perfect opportunity to showcase that.

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